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Hi, I'm Jamie Heier

Our senior citizens often live far from family and frequently have difficulty functioning on their own.

It only takes a moment for a medical event to send this situation spiraling out of control.

Even for someone in excellent health, navigating the important health care decisions, the paperwork, and the process can be overwhelming.

My many years of experience as part of an administrative team in nursing homes have shown me where seniors and their families struggle with the complexities of a system that baffles everyone!

After decades in this industry I know there's precious little guidance for the consumer - and mistakes can be costly and sad. I want to stop the suffering.

Let my experience guide you through this minefield with peace of mind and the security that your senior loved-one is being protected.

My Story


I've watched the struggle for a long time.....

For many years, the nursing home industry was my job. I was able to sympathize with the residents and their families, but my point-of-view was always as an employee of the facility. The person who had to collect the money. I could help people understand what was going on, but only to a point. It break my heart to see the confusion.


And then..

..... my mom needed to go into a Skilled Nursing Facility after knee replacement surgery. Oh boy! I really found out how little most people know about the industry that I have worked in for years. I spent a lot of time explaining the nursing home to my sisters - and my family to the facility! My mom couldn't get a custom walker for the first 3 days she was there. It was the weekend. This was normal for the facility - but infuriating for the family. I was able to be the advocate to both the facility and the patient/family.


And then I realized that I could help many people this way.

Then I realized that I really could help both the facility and family get through this transition and the weeks to come. I had knowledge and a compassion that most people didn't have. I could help other families, too!


And so now - I can!

And, so I started writing a How-To-Type book about the people in the facility, processes and rules, terminologies and lingo. This has led me to the path for Elder Angel today.

What I believe.....

  • This doesn't have to be so hard and confusing!

  • I believe that these difficult transitions can be made much easier by shared information.

  • Why should anyone suffer through this alone? Let's work it out together!

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities employ many caring people, but their work is misunderstood. Would you like to understand it better?

  • Working WITH those employees and your loved one changes EVERYTHING!?

You Really Can Get This Peace of Mind

We are all not that different

I've been both the daughter and the employee of the facility. I have a unique training and experience to help people just like you.

Are you ready to let me help you?

Let's Talk!

This is what you've been looking for.

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